Who Do I Call If I Have A Dental Emergency?

All dentists recommend going to a dental clinic at least once a year; however, there are situations where you can feel a terrible pain in your mouth and should go as soon as possible to a dentist or a doctor for a checkup. In case the pain is very strong, on many occasions they do not know whether to go to an emergency clinic or to a dental clinic. That’s why, here we’ll tell you when you should go immediately to a dental clinic.

What Does a Dental Emergency Look Like?

First of all, it is essential to define what a dental emergency may look like. The perception of pain can be very subjective, and each person has a different pain tolerance threshold. Some people may not withstand certain acute pains, but there are others for whom the same type and intensity of pain is imperceptible or just a slight nuisance.

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Should I Go to the Emergency Room If I Feel Pain?

Although the logical thing is to go to the emergency room whenever you experience pain that you cannot bear, if it is a dental emergency it does not always work that way. It’s because in the vast majority of cases in a normal clinic you will not be able to help them more than control a certain symptomatology, and not to deal with the problem that generates it. That is why it is convenient to know when it is necessary to go to an emergency hospital and when they should wait until the dental clinic is open.

When Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

In case of not being able to be treated urgently by dentists, in the emergency rooms it is very likely that they only perform the first cures. You should go as soon as possible to specialist to perform an evaluation of what generated the problem and how the treatment should be.

They should identify to decide whether to go to the emergency room or with a dentist. Go if you have infections with uncontrolled inflammations that can even obstruct the airways, if you have a fever greater than 39 degrees that does not reduce with traditional recommendations, or if there are other symptoms that are not related to oral health.

If the pain in the teeth or gums is the only symptom, the urgency will depend on the possibility of waiting. The ailments must be determined by the intensity of the symptoms – the most urgent ones that require some analgesic or antibiotic must be taken care of immediately.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Grande Prairie?

Dr. Beeson and his friendly team are proud to offer emergency dental treatments in Grande Prairie, AB. Please contact our team as soon as possible if you are seeking immediate relief! Our staff would be happy to also answer any questions that you may have.

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