Sleep Apnea Treatment

What is Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Sleep apnea is a common, yet serious sleep disorder that affects how you breathe throughout the night. While you sleep, the soft tissues at the back of your throat relax, which causes loud snoring and short cessations in your breathing. Sleep apnea can cause you to feel exhausted and lethargic, even if you think you’re getting a full night of sleep. Rather than choose another treatment option that’s bulky and cumbersome, we offer an oral device that actually works to open this upper airway.

Why is Sleep Apnea Treatment needed?

Sleep apnea is a pretty serious condition, so it should be treated as soon as possible. Over time, sleep apnea can get worse and can have an enormous impact on how you feel throughout the day. Because you’re not able to get a full night of deep rest, you may feel moody all the time and not have the energy to spend time with your loved ones. Sleep apnea symptoms may even get in the way of your career and the way that you’re able to function at work.

What Is Sleep Apnea Treatment
Why Is Sleep Apnea Treatment Needed

Who is a good candidate for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

To determine if you’re a good candidate for sleep apnea treatment, we will perform an examination and take a look at any sleep study results that you have available. Most often, if you’re feeling tired throughout the day and have been told that you snore loudly at night, a sleep apnea oral device can be beneficial for you. Most patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea can benefit from treatment.

What happens during the Sleep Apnea Treatment process?

We first take impressions of your teeth and mouth to make your own custom device. You’ll come back into the office after one to two weeks to be fitted with the device. We will make any adjustments to the device as needed and you’ll be instructed on how to use it at home. In order for the device to work effectively, you will need to wear it every single night. You can then remove the device in the morning to clean it and remove any bacteria and odors.

If you would like to come into our office to learn more about sleep apnea treatment, call us today to speak with one of our professional staff members.