Todays Dental Tooth Pain

Do you feel stitches when you eat or drink certain foods or drinks? Is it a daily problem or perhaps just an occasional nuisance? You may have dentin hypersensitivity, another way to call sensitive teeth. Dental sensitivity is a common problem that can develop over time as a result of gum retraction or enamel wear. In this post, you’ll get information regarding cause and symptoms tooth sensitivity.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Hypersensitivity of dentin, or dental sensitivity, is a common dental problem. It is a condition that can develop over time as a result of common problems, such as gum retraction or enamel wear. Most cases occur between 20 and 50 years. Dental sensitivity may appear when the softer internal part of the teeth, called dentin, is exposed. Dentin is found under enamel and gums.

Thousands of microscopic channels run through the dentin to the center of the tooth. Once the dentin becomes exposed, triggers like cold soda can irritate the nerves present inside the tooth, which can cause brief and acute pain in the tooth, also known as sensitivity.

Only a dentist can confirm that you have dentin hypersensitivity. If you suffer from dental problems, always consult your dentist. If you suffer from dentine hypersensitivity, you can help minimize dentin exposure, take care of your sensitive teeth, and relieve painful symptoms by making some simple changes to your daily oral health routine and eating habits.

Todays Dental Tooth Pain
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What Are the Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth?

Majority of the people with sensitive teeth may experience discomfort and pain while ingesting any cold or hot food or drink. Many people feel this pain at the roots of their affected teeth. In this section, we will describe some of the symptoms of sensitivity and other common causes of dental pain. The common triggers include:

  • Cold air
  • Sugary beverages & food
  • Acidic beverages & food
  • Hot beverages and foods
  • Cold beverages & foods
  • Alcohol-based mouthwashes
  • Flossing & brushing
  • Cold water during daily dental cleanings

All these symptoms may range from less to mild, from mild to intense.

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