4 Things You Need to Know About Your Dentures


Dentures shouldn’t have to feel loose. Did you know that having dentures doesn’t mean the end to your food enjoyments? If you have a poorly fitting denture it won’t sit well, and it won’t allow you to chew well. There are things that can be done to fix this. Sometimes it can be a very simple adjustment that allows the denture to sit properly. Other times it may be worthwhile to consider dental implants which will allow the dentures to attach on to something!

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People with dentures should still have a checkup done! We have all heard the joke ‘I’ll just drop them off and pick them up later!’ but in actuality if you have dentures there are dental/medical conditions that can easily be prevented by coming in for an annual checkup. This includes an oral cancer screening, denture check, denture fit check, and soft tissue examination. Some dentures fitting poorly for a long time will cause severe harm to the gums.


New dentures can be 3D printed! Dental technology has advanced far in the past few years. Goodbye goopy impressions!


Your poorly fitting denture could be causing your tissues problems, or could be from something that has changed in your mouth and makes your denture fit poorly.

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